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Anzizu style

Clear and fast valuations
Real data
of own operations
Market analysis
Prices, margins, risks
and trends
Sustainability and growth plans
Wealth optimization
Potential development
projections and
possible scenarios
The importance
Let yourself be conquered
by the 360ยบ vision of
your consultant


Are valuations necessary?

Yes, they are the fundamental basis for making economic and real estate wise decisions.

Orientative ratio

What is it?
A quick consultation of the price of your property with our free tools

Rent update

Why do we recommend it?
To determine the rent of the property when the contract ends or when you need to update the price.

Professional valuation

How does it work?
We carry out a complete report that includes visit, photos, legal information, comparables of own operations, market and real operations closed less than 200m from your property.
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Asset strategy

Strategic consultancy
What is it?

It is a tailored and specialized solution that makes your real estate assets viable and optimizes whether you are an individual or a large corporation.

Due diligence
Why do we recommend it?

Because it guarantees the legal, technical and administrative veracity of your real estate investments

Personal shopper
How does it work?

We work exclusively to search, select and negotiate for you the best real estate transactions successfully


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