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We are trust generators. We offer strategies and solutions that allows you to obtain the maximum profitability from your rentals by increasing and consolidating your assets in an effective and orderly manner.

Anzizu style

Control of income, expenses and deviations
easy and clear
Online communication
and efficient resolution.
under control
Maintaining the value of assets is the key
Invest to
We anticipate deadlines, maturities and negotiations.
under control
Immediate advertising
after contracts ends
Zero empty apartments

Why manage leases with Anzizu?

We keep your properties
in shape
and we make it sustainable.

We carry out more than 200 rental operations a year guaranteeing a solvent and stable Renter profile with a Digital Solvency Certificate.

Communication and technology

The technology will allow us to live in smart buildings in the
framework of smart cities and property managers must be experts in digital communication.

Spaces to share

The exchange of energy, the rental of common spaces or the redistribution of these spaces for shared use, will imply an economic specialized management.

Energy efficiency

The efficient energy will represent a cost reduction and also an opportunity for buildings to be able to generate their own energy and be more sustainable.

Diversity and globality

Barcelona welcomes people from all over the world and the Property Manager, must promote the wealth of social diversity.




The services and the resolution of incidents in good hands.

We work with certified Suppliers

We recommend more than 200 certified providers that work with guarantee, you can choose the one you like the most, or recommend your favourite to us, we will incorporate it to our database so everyone can benefit from their services.


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